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Measurement and Style

Measurements are very important as we always design every garment from a bare canvas. Keeping in mind your connivance, order type and logistics we will arrange for your custom measurement. A fitter along with a designer, will assist your measurement process in precise details, considering all the idiosyncrasies of your posture and shape. Our consultant will also take into consideration on the nature of your work, and type of functions where you will be using your outfit when providing suggestions.

Select design & Fabric

We have a wide range of fabric available with us. You can select your preferred fabric from our collection ranging from pure cottons to pure silks or you can get a custom made handcrafted fabric woven from our master weavers or handover your own fabric to us and we will take care of the rest. At Arna India we create the best quality embroidery and designs in the business. If you are looking for beautiful embroidery on your custom-made garment our expert will assist you in understanding your requirements and keeping in mind your personal choice, tastes and preferences they will provide their recommendations.

Pattern Cutting & Stitching

After the measurements, a unique paper pattern is cut into your exact measurement and style. Next, we start sewing and carefully handmade your personalized outfit, which can last a lifetime. In some expensive outfits, we ensure to leave adequate margins so that if in future even you gain or lose weight a desired fit can be achieved.


A beautifully tailored garment takes time. depending on the amount of work and precise stitching the tailor must complete. Upon completion, it will be delivered at your doorstep in accordance with your delivery schedule. Our service does not end with delivery. We check in with you few weeks later to take your feedback if you notice anything else that needs adjusting after wearing it. We are more than happy to help.