“All our Products are designed and built by exceptional people using only the finest of materials”.

Arna India brings more than a decade of experience in bespoke manufacturing of high quality traditional Indian Bridal and formal wear. Our uncompromising attitude has enabled us to produce most of the products in-house, to provide the highest quality of work and maintain consistency and superior quality.

We offer genuine bespoke experience, with perfectly crafted, traditional Indian garments, Handcrafted Fabrics, Sarees, Footwear, Custom Jewellery and all type of wedding Accessories.

All our products are made to measure from ground-up keeping in mind your distinctive style, requirements, and precise specifications to ensure it is exclusive to you.

Over the last fifteen years, we have served many customers in India and in Western markets like UK, US, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, and Asia pacific.

“There’s a big difference between having the illusion of luxury and having something that is genuinely luxurious”.

Creating custom Indian Bridal wear is a true art, requiring another level of specialisation and attention to detail. It takes years of experience to develop the required expertise to create an embroidered Indian bridal wear. It not only require a very precise cutting and tailoring but a consistent eye for detail and a skilful hand to create a quintessential garment.

Most Handcrafted Indian Bridal wears take more than a month to build because they are handcrafted. We do not produce these outfits on some mass assembly line. Instead, we use traditional approach and handcraft every component of your Indian wedding dress by hand, and it is all done by people that have been doing this work for generations. At Arna it is not just the quality of materials, but the quality of workmanship that plays significant part in our creations. We have very strict self-imposed quality standards, and all our custom Indian bridal outfits are constructed with integrity, excellence and attention to detail, ensuring your bespoke Indian bridal wear can be passed on to the next generations.